As you are aware, we recently published a handbook on "Pediatric Solid Organ Transplantation" with Springer's Publishers. This handbook includes critical reviews, protocol-based approach, consensus documents, and guidelines on all aspects of Pediatric Solid Organ Transplant. This handbook would be helpful to the transplant physicians, scientists and clinicians in Pediatric Transplantation. This handbook will provide a major platform for understanding transplant immunology, pre and post-operative care of pediatric solid organ transplant and will lay down some new direction that will help, advancing science in this dynamic field.

On the same lines, we are planning to host Webinars on 'Pediatric Solid Organ Transplantation' on 15-16 July 2023 in Virtual Mode. The webinars would cover all aspects of 'Pediatric Solid Organ Transplant', with lectures taken by the most reputed researchers in the field. We are honored to be a part of the dynamic team that has advanced the scope of the handbook of “Pediatric Solid Organ Transplantation”. The webinar registration shall be free for current transplant fellows across the world. Please email Dr Sethi at for the free registration.

We are sure that this Online meeting would be very useful for both adults and pediatric transplant physicians in this changing time.

Hope to meet you soon at the meeting!

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Course Directors

Dr. Sidharth Sethi
Pediatric Nephrology
Medanta, The Medicity
Gurgaon, India

Dr Rupesh Raina
Pediatric Nephrology
Akron Children’s Hospital
Ohio, USA

Dr Ron Shapiro
Recanati/Miller Transplantation Institute
Mount Sinai Hospital

Dr Minnie Sarwal
Division of Transplant Surgery
University of California
San Francisco, CA, USA

Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus

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